Do Air Fried Foods Really Taste Fried

Before you seal the deal of whether or not you should buy an air fryer, do not forget to ask yourself one major question. Do Air Fried Foods Really Taste Fried? If you eat food for the sake of its importance for survival, then, by all means, buy an air fryer oven and cut the calories. But if you are the one with a sensitive palate who likes to really relish the taste of the food you’re having, I am afraid I have some news for you.

Although the air fryer taste reviews are mixed, one thing can be said to be a unanimous agreement among all. Air fried foods do not taste the same as deep-fried foods. You may even have already guessed this. Despite the promise of an air fryer of delivering healthier food while maintaining a similar taste, the results are found to be contradictory to the claims.

Air Fryer Taste Review

First of all, the food fried without using oil would taste different. It would offer a crunchy exterior, but it would not be as juicy as you may have hoped. The fat content absorbed in the deep-fried food would give it a different taste. Therefore, even if you have used a little amount of oil, it would not taste exactly the same. 

Basically, air fryer food tastes closer to an oven-baked one with extra crisp. Now the crispiness is something that an air fryer would offer you. However, if you are expecting it to give you the cheesy, juicy, melt-in-the-mouth sensation, it will not deliver that. The main reason is that you cannot cook batter covered food items or food that involve cheese in an air fryer. It creates a mess. The other reason is that the amount of oil used is less. Thus, this combined with the convection method of cooking usually dehydrates the food.

Air Fried Ravoli

However, there is one thing that an air fryer delivers very well; it is cooking the frozen fried foods such as tater tots, nuggets, or fish sticks. And the reason behind their tasting so well is simple. These food items are already fried and preserved. The air fryer will just reheat them (and it does reheat well). However, you can read more about what you can cook in a fryer. 

Thus, an air fryer may offer you a healthier alternative to deep-fried foods; however, you may need to compromise on the taste. Some items, arguably, taste well enough such as oil-less roasted chicken. While other items, such as oil-less French fries may be very displeasing for your taste buds.

The Conclusion

To summarise this, an air fryer toaster oven may replace a deep fryer, cutting off the amount of oil needed for cooking. This change is noticeable and promising. If your taste buds adapt to the taste of an air fryer oven, it may become a very useful device for you. However, you will require the same amount of oil to cook in an air fryer as needed to bake something in your oven. You will also need to resort to deep frying to satisfy your cheesy, batter-coated food cravings.



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