How does an Air Fryer work

Among all the inventions that have made a major breakthrough is an air fryer. It has received great attention from the masses owing to its ‘healthier’ style of cooking. An air fryer resembles a countertop convection oven. Using a heating element and a fan, this small electric appliance blows in hot air in a cooking chamber. What makes an air fryer oven stand out is that the air is blown in a circular direction, covering all parts of food. The appliance comes with a perforated basket that provides greater contact with food. Due to its features, an air fryer tends to cook food faster.

The Air Fry Science

The name air fryer may be slightly misleading. So, How does an air fryer work without oil? This small turbo-powered convection oven does not actually fry the food. To put it in simpler terms, it uses air as the major component to cook the food. Little to no oil can be used for cooking.

For cooking the food in an air fryer, the food is put in a perforated basket. The machine cooks the food by blowing powerful hot air from all directions. Through the convection effect that the air produces, the food is cooked with a crispy, brown exterior.

Air Fryer with air blowing

Understanding Convection Method

Convection is a highly efficient method of heat transfer as it uses motion to transfer the heat. With the help of fans, the heat is blown in all directions, thus helping the food cook faster. This working mechanism makes an air fryer time-efficient.

Do air fryers use oil?

The benefit of an air fryer is that the food needs not to be submerged in oil. Food can be cooked without using oil at all. While this does make food a healthier choice, it goes without saying that the food cooked in an air fryer would taste different than the one deep-fried.

To give food a better taste, you can brush butter or olive oil once it’s cooked.


To mention the positives, an air fryer uses little to no oil for cooking. Also, it is quite suitable for reheating leftover food. Unlike traditional microwaves that turn food all soggy and bland upon reheating, an air fryer keeps the crispiness and provides a better taste to the reheated food.

By using the air fryer temperature guide you can cook a really crispy & delicious fried food without also no oil.

However, there are a few drawbacks. Firstly, the food will not taste the exactly same as the traditional fried one. Secondly, due to its perforated basket, batter-coated food cannot be cooked in an air fryer. To avoid the dripping mess, it is preferable or rather advised to use the traditional deep frying method.

Another issue of an air fryer is the capacity. It is small in size which makes it an ideal component to go on the counter. However, it reduces the capacity of the food you can cook at one time. The food is cooked in batches. But there are air fryer toaster oven combos available in the market which has a larger capacity then stand-alone air fryers. The toaster oven with an air fryer can do work of multiple appliances including air fry, bake, roast, toast & even dehydrate


To sum it all up, an air fryer is a small machine that uses fans to transfer heat and cook food without using much oil. It can be used for air frying chicken nuggets or french fries. Also, air fryer is a healthier method of cooking food because it uses less oil. However, buying an air fryer toaster oven will still be a better option than buying a stand-alone air fryer.

How does an Air Fryer work?


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