Is air fried food healthy


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One of the reasons why air fryers are so loved is their promise of delivering healthier food. As opposed to deep-frying, the food cooked in an air fryer contains fewer calories and fat content. Therefore, many people opt for air frying their food instead of deep-frying.

The answer to the question is air fried food healthy or not, depends on your definition of ‘healthy’. Yes, the food cooked in an air fryer is comparatively healthier than the one cooked through deep-frying. However, it can not be ruled that air fried food is always healthy.

Here are a few reasons why an air fried food item is healthier as compared to the deep-fried one:

Lower fat content

Deep Fried Food

Deep-fried food items contain higher fat content as compared to foods cooked through other methods. Some experts believe an air fryer can cut the fat content by 75%.

Since air fryers require a minimal amount of oil to cook, it reduces the fat content in the food. To roughly estimate, a dish that requires nearly 3 cups (750ml) to be cooked through deep frying will only need a tablespoon (15ml) in an air fryer. Hence, the promise of an air fryer to deliver crispy yet soft food items make it a preferable choice.

Lower calorie count

Deep-fried foods are one of the contributing factors in weight gain. Since they contain higher fat and higher calorie count, they may lead to obesity. This is another reason why most people prefer getting air fryer. With its lower calorie count and fat content in the food, it helps with the weight loss.

Ary frying decreases the formation of harmful compounds

Deep-fried foods pose another threat in addition to higher calorie and fat content in the food. Frying food can result in the creation of potentially dangerous compounds such as acrylamide.

Certain studies depict acrylamide as a ‘carcinogen’ which means it may cause cancer. Switching to an alternative of deep-frying, air frying the food may reduce the production of acrylamide. It should be noted that while air frying food reduces the production of acrylamide, it does not stop the production of certain other harmful compounds.

Air fried meat

As we know how air fryer work: the result of high heat cooking can produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines in meat.

These compound formations increase the risk of cancer, meat cooked at high temperatures and cancer risk 

However, to answer the question are air fryers toxic research needs to be done on how air frying food & the formation of these harmful compounds are associated with each other.

Air frying food Is not necessarily healthier

While certain facts support the idea that food prepared through air frying contains less calorie and fat content, this method of cooking is healthier than deep-frying.
It must be noted that the food cooked in oil, even though the air frying method, poses health risks. Moreover, since air frying the food reduces the guilt of consuming fried food, people are likely to consume more. But you can also cook healthy air fryer recipes.
It is preferred to opt for other cooking methods such as roasting, baking, sautéing.


To summarize the answer to the question, air frying food is comparatively healthier than deep frying. It reduces the fat content and thus lowers the calorie intake of the food. Moreover, it removes the risk of certain harmful compounds that are produced through deep frying. However, in itself, it is not entirely healthy. Instead, opt for healthier methods such as baking or roasting the food from time to time.

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