What can you cook in an air fryer

Ever since this sweeping invention has made its way from the market to the people’s counter, the hunt for recipes has been going on. An air fryer is a preferable choice among people for its convenience, small size as well as healthier cooking of food. An air fryer toaster oven can be used to air fry, roast, reheat & bake. Either you have a stand-alone air fryer appliance, or you have an air fryer toaster oven combo, some of the things you can air fry well while others appear to be problematic.

Let’s take a look over things in which an air fryer can cook well.

French Fries

The most popular item cooked is french fries in air fryer. Who doesn’t love tasty snacks? Perhaps, the most common concern among French fries consumers is the amount of oil they are cooked in. Air Fryer french fries solves this biggest concern. The air fryer fries cooked on high-temperature air without making them soggy. You can enjoy delicious and crispy air fryer snacks with worrying about extra oil consumption. 

An air fryer can cook a large variety of frozen foods. You can easily find the best frozen foods for air fryer

Air Fry Fries

Frozen Foods

When it comes to fixing a quick snack, a lot of people turn to the air fryer. The plus is that it gives a crispy, brown exterior while keeping the food soft (and yet not gooey) on the inside. Tater tots, chicken nuggets, and frozen French fries can be cooked efficiently and easily in an air fryer. If you have an air fryer oven you can even cook a 12 inches frozen pizza.

For air frying different frozen foods correctly all you need to see is the air fryer temperature guide

Copy Of Air Fry Fries (2)


Can you bake in an air fryer? The answer is Yes! Some food experts argue that whatever can be baked can be cooked in an air fryer while others suggest certain items bake well in an air fryer and others do not. True, the taste would not exactly be the same, but it will do the job. So you can make muffins and cookies in an air fryer.

Air Fry Baked Cookies


Cooking a nicely cooked meat of any kind is a skill. Whether it’s seafood or a bird you can cook it in an air fryer. With air frying, your meat will remain juicy & tender. By setting up the right temperature for meat you can air fryer steaks, lamb chops, chicken breasts, chicken wings, and any kind of fish.

Air Fry Meat


Cooking vegetables in airfryer will give you result as if you roasted vegetables in an air fryer. You can quickly air fry vegetables like Broccoli, tomato, bell pepper & asparagus but cook of the hard veggies take a longer cooking time. Frozen vegetables in air fryer can also be cooked perfectly by adding a few more minutes in cooking time.

Air Fry Veggies 

For a complete guide on air fryer vegetable recipes, you can see how to air fry any vegetable?


Reheating food in an air fryer is a preferable choice because it does not make the food soggy like a microwave. Instead, it allows food to retain its crispiness and heats it well. You can reheat any sort of food in it and it will taste the same.
The air fryer toaster ovens have a separately warm feature also available for you can use that for reheating food without harmful microwaves.

Air Fry Reheat


What not to cook in an air fryer?

Like all great things, air fryers do have their limitations. As the air fryer comes with a mesh air frying basket, it does not cook battered foods well. Moreover, cheese is likely to create a great mess in an air fryer. Avoid putting loosely seasoned foods because the spices may fall off.

However, there is a trick for the battered food items. You can freeze them (for around 10 minutes) before cooking to avoid the splashing off of the batter.

To sum it all up, certain food items cook well in an air fryer and certain items should be cooked traditionally. Certain vegetables, meat items, and baked products can be easily and quickly cooked in an air fryer. In addition, food can be reheated. However, to avoid creating a mess, do not cook battered, cheesy, or loosely seasoned food items in an air fryer.


Air Fryer Recipes

After buying an air fryer oven all you need to learn is healthy air fryer recipes. Here is the best seller cooking book for easy air fryer recipes.


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